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Chiusdino (Siena) in Tuscany

Astride the provinces of Siena and Grosseto, immersed in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, amidst vine- and sunflower-covered valleys, CHIUSDINO rises on the crest of a hill, dominating the plain below.

With is characteristically narrow roads, it overhangs the Merse valley, where an untouched nature crafts spectacular sunsets in the chiaroscuro pastels of the evolving seasons, or dawns engulfed in a light mist, quickly swept away by the fresh wind that climbs the hillsides.

A stone's throw from the village, history recounts the famous legend of the sword in the stone. Today, thousands of tourists come to visit the awe-inspiring grandeur of the Abbey of San Galgano.

San Galgano's Abbey

The Abbey of San Galgano, built between 1218 and 1288, is one of the most interesting examples of Gothic-Cistercian style. The vertical structures, open to the sky due to the collapse of the roof (late 1700s) confer an aura of striking harmony and suggestiveness.

The church of Montesiepi stands nearby. The round building, decorated with strips of brickwork and travertine, is surmounted by a dome, also decorated with concentric strips of remarkable aesthetic impact. Before the altar is the stone in which the young knight Galgano thrust his sword.

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